GBP/JPY Weekly Outlook

GBP/JPY rebounded further to 145.67 last week but formed a temporary top and retreated. Initial bias stays neutral this week first. As long as 142.81 minor support holds, another rise is mildly in favor. Above 145.67 will target trend line resistance (now at 146.99). Firm break there will be a signal of bullish reversal and should target 149.30 resistance for confirmation. However, break of 142.81 will argue that the rebound from 139.88 has completed and turn bias back to the downside for 139.29/47 key support zone.

In the bigger picture, at this point decline from 156.59 is still seen as a corrective move. Focus remains on 139.29 cluster support (50% retracement of 122.36 to 156.59 at 139.47). Strong rebound from there will re-affirm the bullish case that rise from 122.36 is still to extend through 156.59 high. However, sustained break of 139.29/47 should confirm medium term reversal. GBP/JPY would then target a retest on 122.26 (2016 low).

In the longer term picture, the failure to sustain above 55 month EMA (now at 152.97) is mixing up the outlook. Nonetheless, as long as 139.29 holds, rise from 122.36 is in favor to extend to 50% retracement of 195.86 (2015high) to 122.36 (2016 low) at 159.11, and possibly further to 61.8% retracement at 167.78 before completion. However, firm break of 139.29 will turn focus back to 116.83/122.36 support zone instead.