GBP/USD Weekly Outlook

GBP/USD’s rebound from 1.3048 extended higher to 1.3289 last week. The support from 4 hour 55 EMA argues that’s 1.3048 is a short term bottom and rebound from there would be stronger than originally expected. Initial bias is on the upside this week for 1.3314 resistance first. Break will target 1.3471 resistance next. We’ll expect strong resistance from 1.3471 to limit upside. On the downside, though, below 1.3200 minor support will turn bias to the downside for retesting 1.3048 low.

In the bigger picture, whole medium term rebound from 1.1936 (2016 low) should have completed at 1.4376 already, after rejection from 55 month EMA (now at 1.4179). Fall from 1.4376 should extend to 61.8% retracement of 1.1936 (2016 low) to 1.4376 at 1.2874 next. We’ll pay attention to the reaction from there to asses the chance of long term down trend resumption. On the upside, sustained break of 38.2% retracement of 1.4376 to 1.3048 at 1.3555 is needed to indicate medium term bottoming. Otherwise, outlook will remain bearish in case of strong rebound.

In the longer term picture, rise from 1.1946 (2016 low) is viewed as a corrective move, no change in this view. Rejection from 55 month EMA argues that it might be completed already. Larger down trend from 2.1161 (2007 high) could extend to a new low. This will now be the preferred case as long as 1.4376 resistance holds.